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Ref. Workshop Description Details
QM01 Quality Management Systems Requirements, Interpretation, Documentation and Implementation (ISO 9001:2015) Read more
QM02 Quality Management Systems International standard Requirements Interpretation (ISO 9001:2015) Read more
QM04 Record Management, Storage and Archival (ISO 15489-1/2:2001, BS 5454:2000) Read more
QM05 Business Processes Development, Analysis, Mapping, and Improvement Read more
QM06 Six Sigma Read more
QM07 Information Security Management Systems (ISO/IEC 27001/27002/27005:2011) Read more
QM10 General Overview on any topic listed Read more
QM11 Refresher Workshops on QMS/TQM/ISMS/FSMS/HACCP/…(per topic) Read more
QM20 Internal Auditing (ISO 19011:2011) Read more
QM21 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines (ISO 31000:2009; ISO Guide 73:2009) Read more
QM30 Total Quality Management Read more
QM31 TQM, QMS and Auditing Tools and Techniques Read more
QM32 Best Practices in QMS and TQM Read more
QM33 Benchmarking for Best Practices Read more
QM34 Root Cause Analysis Read more
QM35 Building Service Excellence Read more
QM40 HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Implementation Read more
QM41 Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for any Organization in the Food Chain (ISO 22000:2005) Read more
QM50 Strategic Management Read more
QM51 Strategic Management and the Balanced Scorecard Read more
QM52 How to Build and Implement a Successful Balanced Scorecard Read more
QM60 Quality Costing Read more
Ref. IRCA Registered Courses Details
I-QM01 ISO 9000 Series Appreciation and Interpretation Read more
I-QM21 Internal QMS Auditor Read more
I-QM22 ISO 9000 Series Auditor / Lead Auditor Read more
I-QM23 OH&S Management Systems Auditor / Lead Auditor Read more
I-QM24 OHSAS 18001 Internal Auditor and Foundation Training Read more
I-QM25 EMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Read more