MIC-Management Integrated Consultants provides companies & organizations with dedicated training and workshops in-house, tailored for their specific needs, and using real case studies from their operations. Learning is a never-ending process and should be the strategic objective of any entity, especially business entities, if they are to compete on the local, regional, or international markets.

MICs training and workshop  programs  are  specifically designed in a “Do-it-yourself structure” to help organizations maximize benefits internally with direct “hands-on” implementation, as well as comply with international or other system or product requirements and criteria, at an affordable cost.

Categories of in-house training are as follows:

Awareness training

Awareness training programs are designed to educate and build management and employee support and involvement in any upcoming Strategic Initiative, with focus on Customers and End-Users, Service Excellence, and Performance.

Purpose & benefits: Creation of a favorable climate for the “quality culture”.

MIC’s training and workshop programs are specifically designed in a “Do-it-yourself structure”

Management Systems TQM based training

MIC’s training on Quality Management Systems, ISO standards and other international requirements or initiatives, interpretation, documentation, and implementation, is TQM-Total Quality Management based.

Purpose & benefits: The trained implementation team(s) will be able to take in-charge the design, development and implementation (field application and documentation) of the contemplated system, on a consensus basis with the different departments and operations, as well as workforce training.

Training and Workshops on Specific Topics

MIC provides training and workshops as per Company’s needs, to enhance staff capacity and knowledge.

Purpose & benefits: Development of company’s staff and building in-house corporate capacity for continual improvement and performance enhancement. Such trainings and workshops are multi-beneficial; not only they build the people and expand the human knowledge, but enhance teamwork, and the spirit of excellence in everything staff, management or employees across the board do.

Workshops from the General Training List

Most Training and Workshops in MIC’s general training list, can be customized to company’s needs and expectations.

Purpose & benefits: Development of company’s staff and building in-house corporate capacity for continual improvement and performance enhancement:

  •  Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles
  • Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, Corporate Objectives, Yearly Business Plans, Tasks and Initiatives
  • Business Processe Analysis, Development, and Mapping
  • Organizational Charts and Job Descriptions
  • Job Evaluation, Salary Scale, Job Grading, Career Path
  • Document Control System: Policies, Processes, Procedures, Instructions, Forms

  • Records Management System: Records and Archives
  • Consensus Building – Nominal Group Techniques
  • Focus Groups and Quality Circles – Kaizen and Kaizen Blitz
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicators
  • Leadership and Empowerment: Autonomy and Delegation, Styles of Behavior
  • Employee Performance Management System

  • Benchmarking for Best Practices
  • Internal Auditing – External Auditing (2nd party), Third Party Auditing
  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer
  • Building Service Excellence
  • Best TQM & QMS Practices in world-class companies
  • Total Quality Management Systems (TQM and EFQM)
  • TQM/QMS/Auditing tools and techniques: Root-Cause Analysis, Pareto Charting (vital few vs. trivial many), Fishbone diagrams (cause and effect diagrams), Spider charts, Nominal group techniques, etc…


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