MIC – Management Integrated Consultants provides knowledge at your doorsteps

MIC’s training & workshop programs are specifically designed in a “Do-it-yourself structure” to help organizations maximize benefits internally with direct “hands-on” implementation, as well as comply with international or other system or product requirements and criteria, at an affordable cost. Kindly refer to our list of  Training and Workshops

MIC’s training and workshops are delivered either to participants coming from different organizations (public training), or customized to organizations’ special needs, and delivered on companies’ premises (in-house training).


MIC’s training & workshops programs include:

  • Comprehensive lectures appropriately designed for the purpose
  • Team workshops to enhance learning and knowledge exchange
  • In-house or general case studies, as needed
  • Organization  self  evaluation  as  needed  by  participants  for  in-house  dedicated  programs
  • References to major world experts in the field

MIC’s training & workshops characteristics:

  • Modular and flexible
  • Tailored to the organization’s needs in the selection of topics when needed
  • Highly educational and beneficial for self development
  • Professional with hands-on case studies
  • Designed to meet local & regional cultures
  • Highly interactive and enriching as a result of many years of consulting experience in the region

MIC’s training & workshops tools & techniques:

  • Multi-media projection
  • Presentations
  • Interactive case studies based on companies’ real cases, best practices, and our consulting experience
  • Questions and answers sessions
  • Workshops, quizzes and “test your knowledge” questionnaires
  • Training languages: English, Arabic or French

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