MIC – Management Integrated Consultants’ Vision is to be the “preferred” and “cost effective” provider of “Best Practices” in quality management system services for the local and regional business communities, that would continually sustain the world highly dynamic era of innovation in technology, and customer needs and expectations.

MIC – Management Integrated Consultants’ Mission is to:

[quote  font_size="18"  align="right"]
“Real Profits are generated by loyal customers – not just satisfied customers.”
– Aguayo[/quote]
  • Provide organizations with the latest in core integrated strategic services – Training, Assessments and Consulting
  • Assist organizations in the successful integration of the latest international best practices in management systems and operations within their business, social and cultural environments
  • Bring added value and competitive advantage to the organization’s stakeholders
  • Capitalize on the organization’s Human Assets through continual development and teamwork
  • “Build-from-within” the organization’s business management system, by enhancing employees’ learning, participation and involvement
  • Optimize the organization’s business system and processes through innovative concepts, tools, and techniques for a “lean” outcome.