Teamwork in the officeManagement Integrated Consultants Strategic Initiatives for
building in-house corporate capacity for improvement from-within“, leading to a lean, healthy, flexible,
and robust Management System for sustainable Corporate Governance:

  • Building Teams and teamwork, leadership skills, empowerment, focus groups, and quality circles, using Consensus building techniques (ENGT-Enhanced Nominal Group Techniques).
  • Direct and hands-on support to trained and qualified teams in the interpretation and implementation of the appropriate and relevant “best practices” or international requirements to company’s business and cultural environment.
  • Guidance and support to management, team leaders and associated staff in the implementation and deployment of the management system through on-going training, corrective actions, and reviews.
  • Developing a system of continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, and safety, using Kaizen and Kaizen blitz in focus groups / quality circles.
  • Close follow-up on the deployment, implementation, & documentation program – “Walk-the-talk” .
  • Identification of non-conformities in implementation activities, using internal auditing and assessments on a scheduled and regular basis, with root-cause and risk analysis, cause-and-effect analysis (fishbone diagrams), pareto charting, histograms, scatter diagrams, process diagrams, and other management tools and techniques, as appropriate.
  • Corrective & preventive actions follow-up, review, verification, and validation.


  • Guidance, support, and assistance in the development, proof reading & review of the documentation system, with emphasis on their relevancy, guidance and control aspects: quality manual(s), policies, processes, procedures, forms, reports, and other associated documents.
  • Guidance on development and implementation of Strategic Planning, yearly business plans, strategic objectives and initiatives.

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[quote font="georgia" font_size="18" align="right"]“A Quality Management System provides confidence to stakeholders”[/quote]

  • Assessments and Internal auditing for improvement on implemented requirements.
  • Effective management review meetings and follow-up actions.
  • Compliance validation to the requirement criteria prior to the initial assessment by the International Certification (Registration) Body.
  • Assistance in the selection of the international Certification (Registration) Body (if required).

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