consultantManagement Integrated Consultants’ consulting, coaching, and facilitation services methodology is based upon “building in-house corporate capacity from-within” for the successful, effective and efficient implementation of a robust yet flexible Management System to cope with the challenges of the rapidly changing world business and cultural environments.

The net outcome from MIC’s consulting methodology for a Quality Management System is enhancing the sustainability of the company’s management system and operations, providing the appropriate and effective /efficient guidance and control mechanisms, and minimizing unnecessary costs and undue interventions by external parties in the internal operations of the organization/company. All three core integrated strategic initiatives: Training, Assessments and Consulting/facilitation are used together in order to achieve a Lean Business Management
System. Such a Quality Management System will provide stakeholders with a healthy Corporate
Governance that will serve them for many years to come.

  • We assist your organization develop its own management system, with special emphasis
    on internal benefits, business plancontinual improvement, sustainability & international compliance.
  • Our methodology has proven its success over the years with many major companies and organizations at the local and regional levels, and is based on a “built – from – within” internal capacity, systematically integrated with the other core strategies of assessment and training, on an on-going basis.
  • We use extensively the latest in management system concepts and principles as developed and applied by the Gurus of quality management: Joseph Juran, Edward Demming, Walter Shewhart, Wilfredo Pareto, Philip Crosby, Kaoru Ishikawa, Armand Figgenbaum, Tom Peters, Steven Covey, Edward DeBono, Robert Kaplan, etc..
  • Our scheme and any associated roadmaps are tailored specifically for your organization culture and business environment, with focus on your customers’ needs and stakeholders’ interests.

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